(Imperia District)
mt. 67 a.s.l.
1215 (470 in the borgo)

IAT Office, c/o Clavesana Castle
Piazza Santa Caterina, 2 Ph. 0183 408197
www.cervo.com | comunecervo@cervo.com

cervo-stemmaInitially the borgo was named Servo (in Italian laguage it means “servant”); during the 16th century it was changed in Cervo (deer).

There are many interesting buildings in this medieval Borgo: Palazzo del Cinqucento, Palazzo Morchio (built in the 17th century, now it is the Town Hall), the oratory of Santa Caterina (12th century) and the church of San Giovanni Battista (built between 1686 and 1734) with artworks, wooden objects, marble elements and various embellishments. The church, which is nicknamed  ”Chiesa dei corallini” because it was built  thanks to the money from the coral commerce, has also a bell tower (1958 – 1978). Another important building is the castle (12th century) with three circular towers, it was built by the marquis of Clavesana and used as a private dwelling. During the 17th century it was divided in two parts, the lower part housed the hospital and nowadays it houses a museum. Entering the Borgo via Porta Bondai you can enjoy an amazing view of the surrounding landscape.

The local product is the excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other culinary products made with local olives. The local dishes are based on fish and sellfish.

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