(Udine District)
mt. 43 a.s.l.
1700 (500 in the borgo)

Municipal Library, Ph. 0432 999280,
Town hall, Ph. 0432 999038
Pro Loco Palmanova, Borgo Udine 4, Ph. 0432 929566

stemma-ClauianoThe name has Roman origins, deriving from Claudius or Clavilius (from Clavius), probably the name of the local landowner.

Testaments of the past are the stones houses, the ancient rural buildings (for example granaries and ancient fireplaces), and others buildings and objects used in the daily agricultural life. There aren’t luxurious dwellings or architectural masterpieces but there are two beautiful churches : the church of San Marco (14th century) with religious frescoes (15th century), and the church of San Giorgio with a beautiful baptismal font (15th century). The oldest houses in Clauiano were built in the 15th century near the church of San Giorgio and near Borgo San Martino Street. These buildings beautiful  façades and stone gates and courtyards inside, each of them with its interesting history to be discovered.

Honey (produced using traditional methods), spelt (used to prepare the local soup), organic vegetables and fruit, organic flours , and wines (white but also red) with the certification ”Friuli Aquileia”.