(Pordenone District)
mt. 15 a.s.l.
2518 (300 in the borgo)

Tourist point  c/o Biblioteca civica,
Palazzo Cecchini, Piazza Cecchini
Ph. 0434 690265

stemma-cordovadoThe name is the fusion of two neo-Latin words: corte (important agricultural complex) and guado (ford).

The actual fortified area of Cordovado, also known as ”The Castle” (11th century) is the result of centuries of modifications, which involved the castle’s walls, towers, moats and drawbridges. The medieval Borgo is in the Castle area. There are some interesting buildings: beautiful dwellings (Palazzo Ridolfi, Palazzo Bozza Marrubbini, Palazzo Freschi Piccolomini), the church of San Girolamo and two towers (the South Tower and the North Tower). In the ” New Village” (the modern area outside the Borgo) there are a some sacred places worth a visit, like the Madonna delle Grazie, religious frescoes and important palaces  (Palazzo Beccaris Nonis, and Palazzo Cecchini, now a library and a kindergarten).

The Spaccafumo  is a local handmade sweet with dry figs, raisin, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts, honey and fried rice balls. The Lenga is the traditional dish: cotechino (gelatinous pork sausage in a natural casing) cooked for a long time together with pork tongue, then sliced and served with cornmeal mush and vegetables.

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