(Bergamo District)
mt. 208 a.s.l.
5550 (1160 in the borgo)

IAT, Piazza XIII Martiri 34, Ph. 035 962178


A Roman tablet dedicated to Minerva revealed that the name could be a tribute to someone named “Luarensis”. Another hypothesis suggests that the name of the Borgo Lòer in the local dialect,, could derive from the ancient word  (Low land).

Piazza del Porto, also known as ”Piazza 13 Martiri”, is one of the most beautiful squares  in the area of the Iseo lake (it has got a similarity with Portofino). Moving from the square and crossing ”Rione delle Beccarie”,  you’ll  reach  the historic centre and piazza Vittorio Emanuele, with the old civic bell tower. The square is surrounded by beautiful buildings and it is the place where all the medieval narrow streets of the borgo converge. Do not miss to visit the Church of S. Giorgio (14th century) with beautiful religious paintings and decorations. Along the lakefront you’ll find Palazzo Tadini  this building houses the Accademia delle Belle Arti, founded by Luigi Tadini in 1828, it was built in neoclassical style between 1821 and 1826. Here you can admire a precious sculpture made by Antonio Canova as well as Luigi Tadini’s private art gallery .Last but not least, the ‘Basilica of S. Maria in Valvendra, built between 1473 and 1483, which stands in a quiet street near ancient dwellings and houses beautiful frescoes and an ancient pipe organ.

In Lovere you can taste many varieties of cheese, the stone-ground maize flour are the local products, but also meat specialties: salami and cold pork meats, sausages and musetto.

Polenta (cornmeal mush) is the main dish, it is served with fish or meat. Local ravioli (called casunsei and served with butter and sage) are very good. Not to be missed: the Donizetti dessert and the local wines, Franciacorta and Valcalepio.

Guarda tutti i video sulla pagina ufficiale Youtube de I Borghi più belli d’Italia.