(Pordenone District)
mt. 510 a.s.l.

678 (200 in the borgo)

tourist information
Town hall, Ph. 0427 78061
Proloco Val Colvera, Ph. 0427 784411
Scarpèti Cultural Association, Ph. 0427 730388
Dolomiti Friulane Park, Ph. 0427 877404

stemma-PoffabroDocuments written in 1339 and 1357 name the borgo Prafafabrorum or Pratum Fabri. These Latin names mean ”metalworkers’ field”.

Most of the architectural buildings in Poffabro were built without plans. The dwellings with stone walls and wooden balconies and all the other ancient buildings survived in spite of a strong earthquake occurred in 1976. There aren’t noble dwellings, Poffabro lives in an atmosphere of humility and tranquility, this feature attracted a number of artists in love with the magic of this Borgo. Also the church of San Nicolò (the biggest in the Borgo) is only a religious symbol of faith. The ancient church was restored many times due to recurring earthquakes.

Local artisans produce handmade velvet shoes and wooden and wicker objects. Among the typical dishes there are: Frico (fried cheese), Brovada & Musetto (turnips and cotechino sausage), and Pitina (smoked ground meat with spices).

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