(Pordenone District)
mt. 43 a.s.l.
3.167 (197 in the borgo)

Patron SAINT
San Giacomo Apostolo, July 25th
tourist information
Town hall, Piazza Plebiscito 1 – Ph. 0434 74001

POLCENIGO_StemmaThe name probably derives from the Latin word Paucinius (Paucinio’s property); the suffix –igo probably has got Celtic origins. There is also a legend about the origin of the name: Charles the Bald gave this territory, as a gift, to a beautiful girl (the daughter of a French count); in fact Pucelle in French means young girl.

The castle is the most important building of the Borgo, rising on the top of a hill and dominating the whole valley. It resisted, for four centuries, against wars and invasions; but, destroyed by a fire, it was rebuilt between 1738 and 1770 and it was converted into a Venetian villa by the Venetian architect Matteo Lucchesi and it was also connected to the Borgo with a 365 stone steps staircase. There are beautiful ancient dwellings everywhere in this Borgo (Palazzo Fullini, Palazzo Scolari-Salice, Palazzo Zaro). The building that houses the theatre was built in the 16th century and it was originally named ”Theatre of Polcenigo’s Counts”. Between the Borgo and the castle there is the  ancient Church of St. James, built in 1262 but later influenced by all the new artistic tendencies. The Church of Ognissanti (dedicated to all Christian saints) was built in 1371, but the current look is due to the restoration occurred between 1890 and 1908.

Wicker baskets, used during the grape harvest, is the historical local product, but the most used was a different type of wicker basket, useful to carry the laundry.

The local specialty is a local fish called Trota dell’alto Livenza (trout from the Livenza river).


Polcenigo, Da Pascon

Osteria Da Pascon

Il meglio della cucina regionale, preparato con ingredienti freschi e di stagione. Specialità, gnocchi, ofelle e selvaggina. Disponibile anche menù per vegani.

  Via Chiesa, 17-19 S.Giovanni
  +39 0434 74226


Polcenigo, Ristorante Eden

Ristorante Eden

Ubicato ai piedi delle Dolomiti Friulane, con terrazzo per buffet e grigliate. Ideale per incontri conviviali, vasta selezione di piatti con scelta di carni, pesce e selvaggina. Dolci fatti in casa.

  Via Masiere 6/A – Fraz. Coltura
  +39 334 8666340