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Borghi Magazine. The Original.

Three years of discoveries and the journey continues …

Borghi Magazine has been the magazine of the villages and territories for three years. The magazine of those who let themselves be seduced by what they do not know. The villages are the charm of hidden Italy.

Borghi Magazine is not just a magazine, but a philosophy of life to share with readers. Not the latest travel and tourism magazine, but a way of seeing things, paying attention to the small, the beautiful, to what can save us in these difficult times. And if the main purpose is to make known the enormous heritage represented by the small jewels that Italy possesses in greater quantities than all the other countries, and that often we do not even know that we have a few kilometers from home; the magazine also wants to spread an idea of ​​transversal beauty: that can fill the life of all of us, and that can be that of a simple gesture, of an affection, of a panorama, of a stone house on the edge of a wood or of a river to cross on a wooden bridge.



The villages are the Elsewhere near home. They are Italy in the imagination of foreigners. Italian identity: creating, preserving, passing on beauty. Each of us has, like Giacomo Leopardi, his native wild village. The villages are the places in which we can hide, in which the urgencies of the present move back in front of the marvel of the evening that descends into a medieval square, of a walkway, of rolling hills of olive and cypress trees. Walls, towers, palaces, bell towers, fortresses, churches of many small historical centers certified for the quality of their lives and their historical heritage, draw the outlines of a little-known but real Italy. Where good humor, hospitality and good food reconcile visitors with the world. Here there is no hurry, there is no commitment that takes. We must let ourselves go, live the slowness, breathe the time that passes and smell the scent of the seasons.



The village is the result of a centuries-old, sometimes millennial process of transformation of a territory through architecture, urban planning, land cultivation, landscape, cuisine, culture and art. We can say that the “borghi” are the first true “made in Italy”, because they come before fashion, design, food and wine and manufacturing industry. The villages are not copied, replicable: they are unique. Spreading the culture of the village means talking about the Italian territories and what they produce, from the agro-alimentary to the refined elaborations of a craft that meets design through technology. To make this our heritage known to all, even beyond national borders, the texts of the magazine are translated into English.

Borghi Magazine is distributed on newsstands throughout the country and in major European cities such as London.

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