MUNICIPALITY OF magliano sabina
(Rieti District)
mt. 222 a.s.l.
3.892 (39 in the borgo)

Patron SAINT
Santa Serena, first Sunday of July
Tourist office, Ph. 0744 910336

stemma-foglia-magliano-sabinaThe name Foglia derives from Fauna, wife of Faunus, a Roman god. Others say that Foglia derives from the city of Troilo as a ceramic found in the area bore the word Troiloi  in Faliscan alphabet, i.e. the name of the city of the Faliscans destroyed by the Romans.

Piazza Castello (Castello Square) is the heart of the borgo and from here all the streets start. From the square through a  gateway you’ll enter Via di Mezzo, that leads to the Church Santa Maria Assunta. On the right side of the square you’ll  find Via Tevere with the Palace Valignani-Orsini. The street leads to a panoramic viewpoint on the Tiber valley.

Christianity led the inhabitants to worship Santa Serena, patron saint of the borgo, whose relics are preserved in the Church of Santa Maria Assunta.

The Archeological Museum of Magliano Sabina, houses artworks dating back to the Bronze and Iron Ages, finds from tombs of Faliscan times and from a Roman villa.

Worth to visit  in Magliano Sabina are the Proto-Romanesque Crypt of the Church Madonna delle Grazie and the Romanesque Church of Saint Peter, as well as a few palaces in the town’s center (Solimani-Mariotti, Vannicelli, Serafini and others). Worth of a visit is also the Green Hostel S.Maria delle Grazie

The Sabine territory boasts an excellent production of wine and olive oil,  both DOP and DOC (protected geographical designations of origin). Olive Oil, rosemary, asparagus, wild fennel, mint, garlic, bacon and pork cheek are the typical products of the area, as well as  pork meat and liver sausages.

Do not miss to taste: fettuccine in bianco (home-made pasta, a kind of noodle) seasoned with asparagus, bacon and pecorino cheese; strozzapreti (another type of home-made pasta) seasoned with a spicy sauce and  frascarelli (white flour polenta mixed with egg and water) seasoned with onions, bacon and tomato.