(Trento District)
mt. 600 a.s.l.
2045 (47 in the borgo)

Garda Trentino S.p.A. – Tourist board
Largo Medaglie d’Oro 5 – Riva del Garda
Ph. 0464.554444
Tenno Lake Tourist office (in summer season only) |

canale-stemmaThe name Canale (meaning “canal”) is due to the abundance of water around the borgo.

Canale di Tenno is a perfectly preserved medieval borgo with rural origins, first documented in 1211. The borgo has got a typical architecture with barrel vaults, underpasses and alleys.

Between Canale and Calvola, in a panoramic widening, there is a group of statues representing the “Vicinia”, placed on a panoramic pitch, in memory of the collective management of the typical goods of this community.

Frapporta, a hamlet near Canale, has got a similar structure but with a tower outside the walls. There are also ancient fountains and Roman sepulchres. The church of S.Lorenzo is a perfect example of Romanesque art and preserves inside some local paintings.

Worth visiting is the San Martino archeological area.

In Calvola there is a beautiful ancient church dedicated to San Giovanni Battista.

The mountain called San Pietro (0,976 km) is perfect to have a beautiful view of the valley and the Garda Lake.

Olive oil from the  Garda Lake is a limited edition high quality product. Schiava Lorè (made with white Chardonnay) and Merlot are excellent local wines.