stemma-VipitenoVipiteno – Sterzing

(Bolzano/Bozen District)
mt. 948 a.s.l.

Patron SAINT
San Sebastiano, January 20th
Società cooperativa turistica Vipiteno-Val di Vizze-Campo di Trens,
Piazza Città 3, Tel. 0472 765325
Orari d’apertura ufficio turistico: LU-SA 8:30-12:30 / 13:30-18:00

stemma-VipitenoThe name Sterzing is a mystery for historians. The name could be connected to the legendary ”Sterzl” (or ”Starz”), a lame pilgrim (present in the village’s logo). Other historians think that in the Roman city of Vipitenum there was a mint, so the name Sterzing could derive from the name Sesterzi (the name of the Roman coins produced in Vipitenum).

The borgo rises along the Brennero road, the most important communication road between Italy and Germany. The structure of the borgo has remained nearly unaltered since the 13th century, but unfortunately only short tracts of the city walls remain.

The town is divided by the municipal tower (also called “Torre delle Dodici”) in two parts: Città Vecchia (Old Town) and Città Nuova (New Town), dwellings, shops and hotels are aligned along the main street (Reichstrasse).

Torre delle Dodici was built between 1469 and 1473 but it was rebuilt in its current form after the fire of 1868. Near the tower there is the Jöchlsthurn, a beautiful late Gothic style edifice which now houses the Mines Museum.

The town hall (same period as the tower) was completed later (1524) with its polygonal corner Erker topped by merlons.

The Gothic church of Santo Spirito (1399) was originally part of the hospital. Other important buildings are: the Gothic church of Santa Maria della Palude (with a beautiful altar), the Baroque church of Santa Elisabetta (1733), the Burgerkapelle, the civic museum and Castel Tasso (Reifenstein).

Milk, butter and yoghurt produced by the famous Vipiteno dairy cooperative. Speck, canederli (a sort of dumpling), mushrooms and krapfen.

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