Passignano sul Trasimeno

(Province di Perugia)
m. 289 s.l.m.



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A small jewel of the northern Trasimeno Lake Riviera, Passignano is situated on a steep promontory sloping towards the lake and protected by hills cultivated with vines and olive trees. Its serene atmosphere belies its bloody history as the site of the Romans defeat in the famous Battle of Lake Trasimeno (217 BC) by Hannibal and his troops. The Castle was contended for its position between Perugia and the north. The borgo’s historic centre has preserved intact its appearance of a fortified village, still enclosed within medieval walls. On the summit is the Rocca, or fortress, it was built in the 5th-6th centuries, later enlarged, and transformed. Purchased by the Municipality, the restored fortress houses the Boat of Italian Inland Waters Museum, where various crafts from the lakes are on display. From the terrace and from the tower there is a stunning view over the lake. Passignano is connected daily to nearby Isola Maggiore and Isola Polvese. Don’t miss the romantic lake promenade with a gorgeous view of these islands. There are many beautiful churches to visit in the old town, including the 16th century churches of San Rocco, San Bernardino and Madonna dell’Oliveto. The parish Church of San Cristoforo, mentioned in a document of Frederick I in 1163, stands on a pre-existing pagan temple.


•The Church of San Bernardino 1573 with a sandstone façade which overlaps the Oratory of the Blessed Sacrament, forming a single building.
•The impressive 16th-century Sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Oliveto houses valuable paintings and sculptures such as the Madonna and Child in sandstone by Ascanio da Cortona.
•The Islands: Polvese Island and Maggiore Island, where you can visit the Romanesque Church of San Salvatore, built in the 12th century and the Church of San Michele Arcangelo (14th century).

The Palio delle Barche, July: a historical re-enactment with celebrations at the castle, fireworks on the lake and the exciting boat race, which starts on the lake and includes transporting the boats by hand through the winding alleyways up to the fortress.

The Festa della Padella, late August: a prize for the largest pan able to fry two hundred kgs of fish per hour.

Local specialities include dishes made with lake fish: fried agoni (shad), the Regina in porchetta, a big carp (a prized fish from Lake Trasimeno) roasted as one would a porchetta).

During summertime, Passignano becomes a popular tourist destination with well-equipped beaches and water sports centres.