(Pavia District)
mt. 483 a.s.l.
420 (50 in the borgo)

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fortunago-stemmaThe name could derive from the Celtic Fortunacus, meaning “house near the water”, due to the presence of a water spring. According to others, the name could refer to  the pagan divinity Fortuna (meaning “luck”).

Fortunago has been certified as one of the most beautiful borgos of Italy for the continuous and accurate recovery of the atmospheres of the past. The stone façades, the wooden doors and windows, the streets paved with porphyry, the suffused lighting, the wooden benches, the cast iron rubbish bins and the extreme care for public green spaces, the kindness of its inhabitants, make of this borgo a perfect example of equilibrium between modernity and ancient tradition.

Here you can admire the tower, which is what remains of the ancient fortress, and the parish Church of the second half of the 16th century.

The Church of S. Giorgio (17th century) has a beautiful portal with an exquisite Annunciation fresco and, inside, a wooden triptych by Pesina. Near the Church you can admire the remains of an ancient castle and a those of a quadrangular tower dated 1400.

The building that today houses the Town Hall, an ancient house-fortress, is also worth seeing.

Varzi salami is a certified excellence. The meat’s origin is strictly regulated (pure pork), as are the upbringing methods. It is seasoned with black pepper and an infusion of garlic and red wine. Malfatti is a vegetarian dish based on herbs (especially chard), breadcrumbs, cheese and eggs.

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