(La Spezia District)
mt. 140 a.s.l.
4500 (280 in the borgo)

IAT, Via XXV Aprile –  Ph. 0187 600524
Town hall, Piazza Sforza 1 – Ph. 0187 60921


Mons Marcelli, Marcello’s hill: this is the origin of the name of Montemarcello, due both from its high position on the coast and from the name of the Roman consul Claudio Marcello who, in 155 BC, defeated the local population.

Entering the borgo from the 15th century gate and turning your gaze to the north,  you will see the ancient tower,  today a private residence. Walking through the borgo, your attention will be caught by narrow streets with their very particular stone arches, with a structure used in the past by the Romans in their camps.

The 15th century parish church of San Pietro, modified during the 17th century, preserves some valuable artworks, such as a marble triptych  (1529) and a 14th century wooden triptych. The small square is very nice for its particular Ligurian atmosphere thanks to the harmony of the architectural elements.

On the west side of the borgo there is a path that leads to the panoramic Punta Corvo viewpoint  (mt. 266 a.s.l.), where the blue sky merges with the green of the surrounding nature.

You cannot miss to stroll through the narrow streets around the castle (13th century), which houses the Town Hall, with its recently restored round tower (21th century).

In the lower part of the borgo, worth of note is the ancient Church of San Vincenzo, where you can admire a beautiful 16th century marble triptych.

Figs, olive oil, pecorino cheese and Vermentino DOC white wine are the local products. The local dishes are: octopus with potatos, stockfish, soup with vegetables and pasta or legumes.