(Province of Udine)
m. 2 s.l.m.
13691 (800 nel borgo)

Patron saint

San Nicolò, 6 dicembre

turist information

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Palmanova Infopoint
Borgo Udine, n. 4
33057 Palmanova (ud)
Tel. +39 0432 924815

Castello Di Strassoldo
Via dei Castelli, n. 21
33052 – Cervignano del Friuli (UD) – Strassoldo
Mob. +39 328 7956140 –

Villa Vitas
Via San Marco, n. 5
33052 – Cervignano del Friuli (UD) – Strassoldo
Tel. +39 0431 93083 – –

PRO LOCO “Amici di Strassoldo”
Via dei Castelli, n. 3
33052 – Cervignano del Friuli (UD) – Strassoldo
Tel. 0431 93298

Strassoldo is an ancient rural village in the lower Friulian plain. A rare example of a well-preserved medieval settlement, its two castles are surrounded by the Taglio river, springs and streams. The borgo is crossed by cobbled streets that extend between the crenellated walls, with views on the lush parks. The present castles were built several centuries later, each one around one of the original towers. The Castello di Strassoldo di Sopra is nestled in the heart of the borgo and surrounded by a centuries-old park. It’s one of the very few in Europe that still belongs to the same family that built it more than a thousand years ago: the Counts of Strassoldo. The adjacent Castello di Sotto’s interiors are still beautifully adorned with antique furniture and family portraits. Behind it, two Baroque fish ponds flow through a vast park full of statues, secular trees and rare plant species. The Church of San Nicolò stands in the centre of Strassoldo. It preserves, among other things, a Longobard stone cross, evidence of its antiquity.

Strassoldo is also the name of a wine produced by Villa Vitas, a reorganized modern vineyard. All the stages of the production process take place on the estate.

The two castles are the location of some interesting events, such as Castelli Aperti (in spring and autumn), where you can admire scenographic decorations and handcrafts.